Canopies & Awnings

With every shop having a shopfront there is a need of something extra to stand distinct. Canopies and Awnings serve this purpose very well.

Canopies and Awnings

Uses of Canopies and Awning

They help us occupy the extra space in front of the shop. This extra space serves to attract more customers as they get the opportunity to sit in open air. This benefits the business a lot. We provide canopies and Awnings of exact fit and best quality. We have an entire variety of designs to select from. They can be always customized to make it more attractive and appealing. The logo and texts can be very creative, aiding in the branding of the company. We have a great team to follow up and come up with the exact structure and design of canopies/awnings required.

Different Types of Canopies and Awnings

We provide canopies/awnings using variety of methods such as:

  1. Fixed Dutch canopies
    These are the oldest styles and have wide usage
  2. Manually Operated Awnings
    These need manual intervention for the awnings to display and then collapse. We have a great range of quality of awnings
  3. Electric Awnings
    These awnings are automatic and the latest. We have all the latest variety. We supply and install
    these electric awnings. Our installation and service team make sure of the smooth
    functionality of these awnings.