Bi-Folding Doors London

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

We provide widest range of doors to suit the shopfronts. There are simple single doors that have been used traditionally. Bi-Folding doors have taken a leap in the demand lately. It is the latest trend in bars, restaurants and clubs.

Best Bi-Folding Doors

We are the provider of the best bi-fold doors in London. These doors as the name signifies, have two doors attached with two more. So, if required the shopkeeper can open only two doors when there is very less crowd. This saves his entire access space from being used. In case of a good crowd, the doors can be opened to the width of the entrance. The doors are connected from each other by hinges. When folded, the doors get shrank at the extreme ends of the door giving the entire space for the customers. We create these doors with great precision and as per the requirements from the customer.

Folding Sliding Doors

The manual operation of Bi-fold doors is a past now. The doors are now sliding ones. With only little effort the doors slide and stack at the extreme ends. We make sure that the bifold sliding doors are created with the client’s specification of size. The doors are guaranteed to be fit in the space. We not only supply but also install these doors ensuring the smooth functionality. Aluminium Bifold Doors are also our specialization. Aluminium gives strength to the glass for sliding easily. These doors can always be made attractive with use of RAL colors. We provide the best quality hinges and other finishing supporting sliding movement of the doors.