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Things to be Considered When Planning Your Shop Front

Things to be Considered When Planning Your Shop Front
Standing out in a crowd of competitors is a major challenge faced by businesses today. For this reason, it is imperative to make your business stand out from your competitors!

In the business world we live in today innovation is the catalyst for the growth and success of a business – your business. So how can you ensure your business succeeds? It’s simple, really. Shop fronts, the face of your business on the high street, and one of the key ways to attract customers to you. An attractive, distinctive and inviting shop front is essential to entice prospective customers, drive foot traffic to your business premises as well as support an immersive in-store experience. Attracting visual attention is crucial for business owners.


Investing in your shop front and using quality materials is definitely worthwhile. Not only does it bring to life the brand’s attention to detail it assures potential clients that you care about quality. I highly recommend using Aluminium shop fronts with Aluminium being durable, corrosion free and highly creative in terms of design. In addition, high-grade glass is also worth investing in particularly if you’re selling high-end products as it effectively wards off burglars.


The most important part of a shop front is the display. It’s your chance to pique prospective customers’ interest. You need to give them a reason to stop! A striking display will captivate audiences and invite them inside leading to increased revenue. Maximise store visibility and use your window display to highlight the products you want to sell include the most popular ones. During promotions strategically placed posters will make a vast difference in intriguing customers. A well lit display will allow potential customers to see your interiors from the outside. It is vital the interior matches the impression of your shop front. The signage should be clear and bold. It should create a strong impression to your potential customers, highlight your business and add to the visual aesthetics of its surroundings. Using illuminated signs although expensive is beneficial as they increase visibility. I highly recommend changing your window display regularly as it will keep potential customers interested – if the display doesn’t change potential customers will tire of it and continue passing by.

Store Logo or Brand

A store logo or brand serves as a foundation of your business identity. It needs to be big, bold and easily noticeable. It makes your business memorable and promotes instant public recognition.


The colour and theme you decide for your shop front should reflect the type of products or services you are selling.

What’s the secret to a successful shop front?

The visual aesthetics of your shop front is the key factor to attracting prospective customers. A well-maintained, attractive, eye-catching shop front is essential. First impressions are strong impressions. Your design, display, logo brand, signage, colours, finishes and lighting make all the difference between a prospective customer choosing to come in or passing by.

Who to hire?

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