Factors that will help you to find the best Roller Shutters

8 Factors That will Help you to Find The Best Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters make an increasingly popular choice as shop front shutters. Roller Shutters come in several different forms and styles. When looking for the best roller shutters for your business, home or garage always take into consideration the right shutters for your individual needs. There are many factors to take into account so it is essential you do some research. Roller shutters add an extra layer of protection to your premises. These shutters are robust, stable and strong. They have no discernible weak spots. Secure! Not only are they secure they are versatile, compact and quiet in operation – incredibly convenient. For this reason roller shutters are highly in demand throughout the UK and especially so on the high streets in London.

What type of Roller Shutters is right for you?

Both traditional shutters and electric roller shutters are viable options. There is a distinct advantage choosing the latter over the former. Traditional shutters are more likely to be targeted by opportunist thieves as opposed to roller shutters and harder to clean and maintain. Roller shutters and especially electric roller shutters are worth investing in. They are much more convenient than having to open and close traditional manual doors by hand.  Roller shutters are useful for ease of movement and simple to use. They don’t hinder movement as they require very little space, and space is vital in making business operations as efficient as possible as foot traffic can be constant making paths congested.

Here are 8 factors that will help you find the best Roller Shutters for your shop front or premises.


Security is of paramount importance for all homeowners and business owners alike and deterrence plays a large role in security. It is of utmost importance you take into account the level of security a roller shutter provides. High Street shops, warehouses, factories, storage facilities, homes and garages all require an extra layer of protection from opportunist thieves and vandals. It only takes one incident to turn things into chaos. The after effects, can often take weeks, months or even years to recuperate from. This holds especially true for small to medium sized business who can’t afford the cost of theft, loss and repairs due to break-in damages and vandalism. This is why it is vital you take the necessary steps and properly invest in security measures. Stay vigilant! Without opportunity they will instead move along to an easier target. Don’t let that ‘easier’ target be you! Simply by taking these steps you are ensuring the safety of your premises and minimising your risks of a potential break-in. In doing so you are effectively cutting down the potential costs and disruption caused by prospective thieves and vandals. Adding additional security to your roller shutters for example, the highly popular ‘bullet locks’ and the secure ‘floor locks’ ensures your roller shutters are safe and secure as well as the safety of your premises.

Perforated Shutters offer the best compromise between security and visibility and for this reason are skyrocketing in popularity. These shutters prove to be a highly effective and dedicated deterrent and especially so during non-trading hours, nights and long periods of time when the business is closed. Investing in perforated shutters is worthwhile as they act an extremely strong, immovable object in the face of theft and deter opportunistic thieves and vandals thus proving to be an effective deterrent whilst allowing great visibility making them ideal for shop fronts. These shutters offer peace of mind. In addition, they give a strong and clear message to opportunist thieves. Your premises are safe and secure and that you, the business owner, have taken to properly invest in security measures to ensure this. Not only does this make you as an owner and your business more reliable and appealing to potential customers it can help entice potential customers to come back during trading hours and keep them coming back.


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best shutters for your individual needs is the cost. Is your chosen shutters budget friendly? Remember, when it comes to roller shutters you want something durable and sustainable. Something that will last you for a very long time, which is why you shouldn’t settle for the cheapest option nor should you spend excessive amounts. You need to find the right balance between the two without skimping on quality. Make sure you choose roller shutters that are budget friendly and place emphasis on quality. Also, ensure that you choose from a well reputed brand. This is highly beneficial in the long run.


When it comes to roller shutters you want that will last you for a very long time. You want something durable and sustainable which is why it is vital you don’t skimp on quality. By ensuring the quality of your roller shutters you will reap the benefits for the long term.


Not only do roller shutters offer the best compromise between security and visibility they maintain and enhance the overall look of your business. This makes them ideal for shop fronts.

Timber shop fronts
give off a distinctive, vintage and classy look. This traditional look, a rare view today, allows you to stand out from your competitors which in today’s business world is a must and especially so on the high streets in London. When it comes to timber Shopfronts your design and ideas become reality. Whereas Aluminium shop fronts have a defined set of colour palette timber shop fronts is, in a sense, limitless. There is a wider range and combination of colours for the wood, making every timber shop front unique. Timber shop fronts definitely add value to your premises. They are handcrafted which gives a very distinctive and perfect look which cannot be replicated by Aluminium or Glass Shop Fronts again making timber shop fronts unique and very aesthetically pleasing.


Roller shutters are highly commended for their ability to reduce noise. These shutters being quiet in operation are incredibly convenient. High Street shops, warehouses, factories, storage facilities, homes and garages all benefit from investing in roller shutters. Ideal for achieving noise reduction! Passing foot traffic, workers, heavy machinery and mechanics create a lot of noise. By minimizing noise levels you are ensuring your business operations are as efficient as possible as well as reducing noise pollution levels.


Roller shutter provides protection from the elements, whether it is from rain, hail, snow or even the harsh summer glare. Electric roller shutters are especially worth investing in. They are strong, durable, easy and quick to roll down when required. By investing in electric roller shutters you will save a lot of money on repairs in the long term.


Not only do roller shutters provide protection from the elements they are fire resistant.  Reap the benefits; it is well worth investing in roller shutters, especially in the long term as you will save money from repairs.


Another factor just as important to consider is whether your roller shutters insulate heat and whether they are energy efficient. This is because such shutters can, depending on the season, keep your premises either warm or cool and thus reduces the reliance on energy depleting sources such as heating systems and air conditioning units.

For the Best Results:

Ensure that you hire from a well reputed brand and make sure you check for the presence of CE marking to ensure high standard and guarantee. Specify your needs and ask questions. If in doubt get expert advice which will help you decide what best fits your needs. Also, checking client feedback and reading reviews will help determine the manufacturer and installer’s reputation. In doing so you’re investing in your premises future.

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